Job fit is about having the opportunity to do what you do best everyday.  It happens when your talents, interests and knowledge line up well with the responsibilities and tasks associated with your work.  The right job not only utilizes your previous experience but also provides opportunities for additional learning and growth.  When work taps into your passion and your knowledge, you can make great things happen.

“Fit was when I was good at what I did, I was valued and learning a lot”.

“Fit was when I was able to use my technical skills in a meaningful way with the opportunity to become involved with a project that stretched me.”


Meaning fit is knowing that what I do matters.  All of us what to contribute to something bigger and we want to feel seen and valued for what we offer. Increasingly, finding meaning in your work relates to the mission and impact of the organization itself.  Having a higher order purpose, a contribution to the world, be it social, environmental, or simply producing an innovative product that makes lives better, draws employees who connect to that purpose and keeps them there longer. 

“ I feel like I am doing something great for the company and for others.  People count on me and know I will do all I can to accomplish our goals.”

“I feel part of something bigger than myself.”


The most common reason that people leave jobs is due to a poor or ineffectual relationship with their manager.  Relationships fit is about liking and respecting the people you work with and having the appropriate support and trust to do your job.  Feeling inspired by common goals, experiencing interaction and support, learning with others, and having a team on whom we depend all add up to positive relationship fit.

“I feel respected and appreciated by those I work with.”

“I like the friendly environment and the people around me.  I feel supported and protected by my boss.”


We are more than just our titles at work.  We are moms and dads, friends, volunteers, softball players, tri-athletes. Lifestyle fit is when your life outside of work is supported by your employer’s policies and practices. Navigating competing demands and desires as we try to fulfill our many roles will never be easy, but if the lifestyle fit is right, it should be possible. 

“I am allowed the flexibility to attend school functions for my child and I have a consistent schedule that allows me time with my family.”

“We work from home a few days per week which allows me to be able to drop my drycleaning or go to yoga in the middle of the day if I need to.”


Culture Fit is when your values and beliefs are compatible with the practices of your employer. Culture is often defined simply as, “the way we do things here” at an organization, and it impacts how we thrive at work profoundly. Culture is visible to employees in the symbols, artifacts, and behaviors that show up at work every day, which are driven by the values and assumptions held by employees that work there.

“I feel wonderful at work because of the culture fit.  I love my coworkers, the boss, the brand and the mission.”

“It is an ideal environment for me to be in for work—I love it.”


Financial Fit is about our sense of being paid fairly and being able to meet our financial obligations. While base pay, raises, bonuses, and commissions are typically the most important elements of compensation, additional currencies like vacation time, healthcare benefits, and opportunities to save for retirement can also play a major role in helping you make the right match for your needs.

“At this point in my career I am looking for the overall package: benefits, compensation and flexibility.”