Are you thriving at work?

Work is central to our sense of identity, our family dynamics, and our motivation. We spend more time on the job than we do in almost any other aspect of our lives.  And yet according to Gallup and numerous other studies of employees today, most people report feeling disengaged, disconnected, and dispirited on the job most of the time.

That’s just not right! 

A great work fit brings us joy, connection, and meaning, and when we are misfit in a job, it affects everything we do and how we do it. This, in turn, affects the results of our organization.

We believe happiness at work is not actually a magical result of getting lucky. It comes from knowing your needs and being bold in finding the environment in which those needs are met. It takes self-awareness and an ability to assess work fit from the outside of an organization. Our conversations with hundreds of people has led us to a practical approach that works.

You can thrive at work, and when you do, you will find more joy and fulfillment, get results for your organization and ultimately, make the world better.  Lets get on it!


"The costs of poor work fit are staggering." #fitmatters

"A great fit at work is like that perfect pair of jeans that go on easy and make you feel good." #fitmatters

Praise for Fit Matters

Moe Carrick

Moe Carrick is Principal and Founder of Moementum, Inc. a Certified BCorp and consulting firm dedicated to the vision of creating a world that works for everyone using business as a force for good. Her diverse client portfolio includes Prudential, REI, Nike, The Nature Conservancy, TechSoft3D, Hydroflask, amongst others. Fluent in numerous tools of her trade, Carrick is a also a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator utilizing the groundbreaking work of Dr. Brene´ Brown in helping leaders wholeheartedly lead and inspire.  

Navigating her own path in search of great work fit has been core to helping others in her consulting and coaching roles, and she is sure footed in her belief that work can and should be a place where we can bring our greatest talents with ease. Assisting individuals and companies in their quest for creating engagement, results and aliveness lies at the heart of her motivation to research and write about work fit. 

A frequent blogger and contributor to Conscious Company,, and the Work Smart Blog, Moe is also a frequent and in demand speaker and facilitator. She has shared her insights and energetic style with numerous professional organizations, corporations, and trade groups on a variety of topics including the Women's Center for Leadership, TEDxPeachtree, TEDxSJI, University of Michigan, CIS, Association for Public Works, NHRMA, and others.Carrick serves on the Board of Healing Reins and is the Lead Organizer for TEDxBend in addition to serving a number of non-profits in a pro bono capacity. 


Cammie Dunaway is a Global Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Consultant and Public Board member who is passionate about helping companies and brands fulfill their potential.  She most recently served as U.S. President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of KidZania, a global leader in children’s education and entertainment.  Previously, she served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo and as Chief Marketing Officer at Yahoo! after having spent more than a decade with in various leadership positions with Frito Lay. Dunaway sits on the Board of Directors for Nordstrom FSB, Red Robin, Inc. and Marketo, Inc.

In most jobs she has thrived, but in a few she has not.  This experience led her to contemplate and then to research what it is that creates a good match between personal needs and aspirations and corporate values.  She has learned how to optimize for fit in her own career and is eager to share this hard earned wisdom with others.

Dunaway has been featured and quoted in a variety of media, including Ad Age, CIO, CNet, Forbes, Game Source, IGN, New York Daily News, The New Yorker, USA Today, and Venture Beat. A frequent presenter, she has spoken in front of groups at the Conference Board’s Summit on Corporate Brand and Reputation, Harker School TEDx, and Venture Beats Growth Conference, as well as for audiences at such organizations as General Mills, LinkedIn, Pay Pal, and Unilever.